Engineering & Construction


Basic and detail process engineering can be performed for the activities herebelow listed:

  • Heat Exchangers
  • Filtration and separation system for gas and liquida (two and three phase separator design, coalescing system and filtering system)
  • Gas pressure reduction system
  • PSA and TSA process design for gas separation, sweetening and dehydration.

Starting from the customer request, Petrostar S.r.l. is able to perform process sizing focused on the arranging the whole unit interested to the studied process including the safety feature like PSV’s and blowdown system.

The basic design leads usually to a system PFD or to preliminary P&ID, while the detail design includes datasheet and P&ID for purchasing/detail engineering of equipments and to allow the detail engineering for mechanical, electrical and instrumental side.

Services Offered

PETROSTAR provides the following services:

  • project engineering
  • project management
  • project coordination
  • expediting
  • follow-up inspections to suppliers on electrical, instrumentation and
  • mechanical disciplines.
  • design and calculation
  • procurement
  • cost estimation
  • plant technical assistance